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Every Viva School of Dance student can take part in competitions, contests or professional tournaments.

Participation in competitions helps children learn to deal with stressful situations, develops discipline and a sense of responsibility.

Why do children participate in tournaments?

Tournaments and competitions allow children to see if they are ready to dance in front of the audience and judges and how effectively they work in classes. Each tournament is a kind of exam for the dancer.

Also, students who participate in tournaments and competitions don’t just win cups, medals and diplomas. In addition, they are gaining points, which are needed to move to the next class and get a new sport category if their performance was successful.

Tournaments have a breathtaking atmosphere. Children can not only show themselves but also see dancers of a higher class. Amazing costumes, beautiful hairstyling and stunning performances by those who have already reached certain heights in dance give an unforgettable experience.

Even for those for whom dancing is just a hobby, we recommend participating in tournaments from time to time because it is a unique experience.

Students from Viva often take first place, and we are really proud of them!