Ballroom & Latin Dances

Ballroom dancing combines the best of skills from sports and the arts.Ballroom dance is a classic.
Ballroom dance is perfect for girls (encouraging sophistication, elegance and grace) and boys (bringing up strength, responsibility and gallantry).

Hip Hop

Don’t get bored waiting while your children are dancing. Come to Dance Fitness and join us! Here you can find warmth, fun and a laugh!


Have you ever admired ballet dancers? As a child, you dreamed of dancing ballet, but it didn’t work out? Do you want to amaze others with your sophistication and beauty? Viva School of Dance will help you with this!


Breaking is not just a dance where you have to repeat the steps you worked out. This is freestyle – a whole world of freedom and self-expression, where you can give free rein to your imagination. In addition, breakdance is good for health and develops endurance and strength through a variety of acrobatic elements.

Acting Course

Acting is the best activity to choose for your child. Acting classes are great for those who dream of acting in the theatre or films. It also teaches useful skills for everyday life. Acting helps develop clear and articulate speech. It also teaches how to portray appropriate facial expressions.