Acting Course

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Acting (5 to 18 yo)

“To be, or not to be, that is the question”

We always say “TO BE” in Viva School!

Acting is the best activity to choose for your child. Acting classes are great for those who dream of acting in the theatre or films. It also teaches useful skills for everyday life. Acting helps develop clear and articulate speech. It also teaches how to portray appropriate facial expressions.

Performing on stage teaches children to control their own emotions and manage them. These skills will greatly help a child in kindergarten, school, and later life. Shy children learn to be bolder, hyperactive children learn to restrain unnecessary actions and impulses. Speaking to an audience allows them to overcome fears and complexes 

Assigning roles and memorizing words teaches discipline and responsibility. Memory is trained. Imagination develops. Different types of thinking are involved.

Acting classes help with physical development. Children are taught to move correctly. Flexibility and coordination are strengthened.

Through dramatic activities, children learn to understand and love art from an early age.

So if your child is aged between 5 and 18, sign up fast for classes at Viva School!

Children of all ages and abilities are welcome.

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