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Breakdance is one of the currents of modern hip-hop culture, which harmoniously combines a variety of dance styles. 

Breaking is not just a dance where you have to repeat the steps you worked out. This is freestyle – a whole world of freedom and self-expression, where you can give free rein to your imagination. In addition, breakdance is good for health and develops endurance and strength through a variety of acrobatic elements.

There are more reasons, why breakdance is good for children: 

  • while they learning dance moves all muscle groups get stronger; 
  • it is excellent physical preparation for further dancing and sports; 
  • movements improve blood flow, normalize the work of the cardiovascular system; 
  • it helps to self-actualize: since it is a freestyle style, a lot of opportunities for self-expression open up for the dancer; 
  • gains self-confidence and friends against a background of common interests; 
  • the ability to direct energy in the right direction; 
  • a variety of complex acrobatic stunts develop strength and flexibility; 
  • dancing develops  creative thinking; 
  • dance battles help overcome the fear of the audience

Children of all ages and abilities are welcome

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