Sport gymnastics for children

Sport gymnastics is one of the most multilateral and well-coordinated sports. It includes a huge number of various movements that develop agility and dexterity, co ordination and flexibility and courage. Children who do gymnastics know their body very well, they instantly grasp new movements.


  • increases endurance;
  • improves co ordination;
  • develops flexibility;
  • raising muscle tone;
  • drop plasticity of ligaments;
  • development of immunity, the child is not so sick, looks active, energetic;
  • reduce the risk of diseases associated with poor mobility, such as obesity and scoliosis;
  • stabilising of mood swings, characteristic features of general fatigue, nervous conditions.

If you want your children to be healthy and active, sign them up to sport gymnastics in Viva School!

Children of all ages and abilities are welcome.